Veselin Jevrosimovic is the owner and Chairman of the Board of Comtrade Group, a successful IT company headquartered in Belgrade. He is also the president of the Athletics Federation of Serbia.

After a brief period spent in Germany in an athletic club in Düsseldorf, he went to USA. Jevrosimovic became an IT engineer obtaining his degree at the Information Technology School in Belgrade.


Veselin Jevrosimovic is born in Serbia. As a young man talented for sports, he was a member of the national athletics team, later becoming national University league pole vaulting champion.



Mr. Jevrosimovic became a co-owner of an IT equipment distribution company in Germany in 1986. Keeping his contacts from studies in the USA, he started a computer distribution business, which led him to become a partner in CHS Electronics later in the 90s.


Parallel to his businesses in Germany and the USA, he founded Comtrade Group in Serbia in 1991 - a company that would go on to become one of the largest IT organizations in Southeast Europe.


In line with a regional expansion strategy, Mr. Jevrosimovic has founded a company in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1997, continuing to expand the network to Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia and Albania. In 2008, he led the acquisition of the largest Slovenian software company, Hermes Softlab, marking a new phase of Comtrade growth focused on software development and engineering.


In 1996, CHS Electronics becomes the second company in the world in the area of computer equipment distribution, with an annual turnover of 12.5 billion dollars. Later that year, Jevrosimovic sells his shares at the company and returns to Serbia in order to focus on development of Comtrade Group. Thanks to his results at CHS, he was able to secure contracts with the world's most famous computing companies and quickly position Comtrade as the leading distributor in the region.


This evolution began back in 2000, when Jevrosimovic founded Spinnaker, a system integration company that would later change its name to Comtrade System Integration. The software segment of the business contributes to more than 80 percent of Comtrade Group annual income. In 2004, he has bought property in Belgrade that would be transformed to Comtrade Technology Center in 2006 - the first “IT campus” in the region, where he continues to develop company’s IT expertise and invest in further growth of regional IT experts.


In 2010, Veselin Jevrosimovic confirms the company’s focus on global market of services, development and implementation of IT solutions. Comtrade becomes the world’s leading supplier of data backup and data recovery tools, custom-made digital transformation and data processing solutions, earning the trust of clients such as Microsoft, HP, Citrix, Nutanix. Recognizing the quality of Comtrade solutions in the area of data storage, European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has chosen Comtrade to be a part of CERN OpenLab together with some of the world’s most famous companies, such as Cisco, Intel, Google, Oracle, IBM. Comtrade engineers are responsible for safety and storage of large amount of data generated by CERN research activities, available to scientists all over the world who cooperate with this institute.


Under his leadership, Comtrade Group continues to grow, now including 32 companies in 15 countries. Among Mr. Jevrosimovic’s global businesses is HYCU, a Boston-based company that has become a world leader in customized backup and data recovery solutions. The leading product of this company is a custom-made solution for Nutanix ecosystem, considered unrivalled in its features and performance.

Comtrade Group currently has more than 4.000 employees, a large percentage of whom are software engineers who develop solutions for the world’s most successful companies.

Mr. Jevrosimovic plays an integral role in company leadership, spending the majority of his time at Comtrade Technology Center in Belgrade, where he manages company’s global development from.

Awards and distinctions

Veselin Jevrosimovic is a member of the World Economic Forum and actively participates in forum meetings. He has also received the prestigious Top Manager of Southeastern Europe Award, Most Innovative Investor in Southeastern Europe Award and the IT Industry Legend Award. In 2008, Mr. Jevrosimovic was recognized as an honorary citizen of Boston, thanks to his company’s contribution to the city’s economy.

The love for sports

Mr. Jevrosimovic supports a socially responsible way of doing business, personally managing numerous donations and humanitarian activities. Understanding the importance of IT education, he has been sponsoring a free summer programming school for students called EDIT for 20 years, founding the first IT school in 2006, as well as the first IT high school in 2010. Both of these institutions are accredited by the country’s responsible Ministry.


Veselin Jevrosimovic has been the President of the Athletics Federation of Serbia since 2009. During his mandate, 10 track and field facilities across the country have been renovated, while a contemporary indoor athletic facility has been built in Belgrade. Since 2012, he has been a member of the Executive board of the Olympic Committee of Serbia.